Sensei & Chief Instructor of JKA New Zealand


Started practicing karate over three decades ago, in May1980 with the Japan Karate Association. 

Like most young karate enthusiasts, the early years were spent training to achieve the coveted Sho Dan or Black Belt.

In 1984 traveled to Akita Ken, a small prefecture in Northern Japan, to practice karate under the watchful eyes of Shihan Soichi Sasaki and other reputed JKA instructors.

During the stay in Japan, participated in the first international tournament representing Shihan Sasaki's dojo in the "All Japan Karate Championships".

This was the beginning of an impressive international career spanning over three decades.

Born in Mumbai, Sensei represented India for fifteen long years in numerous International Championships in Asia, Oceania & around the World.

In 1989 awarded the "Guarav Padak"  for achieving excellence in Indian sports.

In 1995-96, awarded the "Shivaji Chattrapatti Puraskar", Indian state's highest sports award, having won numerous state and national Championships.

Present karate rank is "Roku Dan" ; Six dan Black Belt.  
An internationally qualified Judge, Referee, Instructor and Examiner; having achieved all qualifications at the
JKA Head Quarters in Tokyo, Japan.

In 1999, Sensei Karl relocated to New Zealand with his family and in 2003, Sensei established his first karate dojo in "Pakuranga", a suburb of Auckland.

In August 2006, represented New Zealand for the first time in the "Funakoshi Gichin World Karate Championships" in Sydney, as a member of the New Zealand Karate team.

Now a days involved in coaching & judging and regularly conducts training seminars in New Zealand and Australia.

In Oct 2015, "Special examination rights" up-graded by the JKA hq. This enables Sensei to conduct  JKA Black Belt Dan examination in New Zealand upto 3rd Dan.

Another milestone achieved in Oct 2015, JKA hq allowing Sensei to conduct "International Instructors, Examiners & Judges License qualification exams" in New Zealand upto D-Kyu level

This is a very significant achievement, as Sensei is the first and only official examiner who can conduct a JKA Black Belt examination & Qualification License testing in New Zealand.

Sensei has been instrumental in New Zealand members achieving success at regional, national and at International championships for a number of years.

Karate has always been an integral part of Sensei's life and calls it his "passion".

He is also a freight forwarder by profession, and works for A. Hartrodt (NZ) Ltd, a New Zealand freight forwarding company based in Auckland.